Hi! I´m Alice Murace, an italian artist based in Berlin where I moved in 2012.

Here I partecipated at some group exhibitions and I attended  Berlin School of Fine Art and Illustrations. Using different technics, from acrylic to watercolors, inks or fineliner, I fell free to choose the right material for every artwork to extern my insider world.

In addition my illustrations, I also approached live visuals projection. Connected with differents musicians, I collaborate as vj during concerts or performances.



-video clip for the single ” Petali caduti” from the album Moonchy & Tobias III, by Moonchy&Tobias  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWtsfovZXk4


-video clip for the single “Pioggia e sale” from the album Atmosfere by Moonchy&Tobias    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pjKy3S8PkU


-visual performance with FlussPluss (musician) @ Loophole – Berlin

-visuals for Automatenfall (music band) @ “The hiccup cure of Braille Satellite Festival” – Vilnius 

-video clip for the single “Bon Bon” from the self-titled album by Moonchy&Tobias                click here

-visuals for Raiments (music band) @ Fusion Festival – Germany  VIDEO

-visual performance with FlussPluss @ Vetomat – Berlin

-vj for the music event “Bham Bahm” @ Rauchhaus – Berlin

-group exhibition @ Regional Bibliothek – Frankfurt (Oder)


-group exhibition @ Cafe Villa Oppenheim – Berlin

-book exhibition  “ArtBook”@ Bethaniendamm – Berlin

-vj for the music event “Inform” @ Rauchhaus – Berlin

-visual performance with FlussPluss @ Geyger Gallery – Berlin

-vj for the music event “Experimental Dimension” @ Geyger Gallery – Berlin


-book exhibition “ArtBook”@ Bethaniendamm – Berlin

-group exhibition “Die Patchwork Decke” @ Vetomat – Berlin

-visual performance with FlussPluss at “Lighthaus Renaissance”@ Funkhaus- Berlin               VIDEO

-visual performance with FlussPluss at “Gape09” @ Greenhouse – Berlin